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Transform your old Laundry into a modern, luxurious & prestigious masterpiece where you can enjoy some relaxation time.

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A renovated laundry adds value to your home, updates its style, and makes it better adapted to your current needs. Renovations are the best time to introduce improvements that will serve you and your family for years to come.

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Suite to your Style

If you’re spending money for a laundry remodel this year, consider making one or several of these essential changes to improve the functionality, storage, and comfort of your laundry.

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Your New Laundry Room Design By Bathroom Flip - Laundry Renovations In Sydney

Been neglecting your laundry room for a while but now the signs of ageing are exposed? You are not alone! Homeowners often forget about their laundry rooms when it comes to home improvement projects. You will hardly see families bring up the topic of laundry renovation when discussing their home and how they can improve it?  If you are based in Sydney, you shouldn’t make the same mistake because you have expert remodellers like Bathroom Flip at your service. Laundry renovations are important, especially if underlying issues are troubling you now and then. Without a fully functional laundry room, you cannot do all the chores properly. In turn, this could disrupt your daily schedule leaving you frustrated.

Call Bathroom Flip and enquire about our laundry room renovations in Sydney today. We are the leading contractors for your home improvement projects. No matter what kind of requirements you have with your laundry room, our team can deliver outcomes that meet your expectations. Not only that but our laundry renovations in Sydney are priced competitively too. Thus, you never have to empty your pockets just to remodel your laundry space. Bathroom Flip offers pocket-friendly renovation solutions to our clients in Sydney!

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We Plan Your Layout, Help You Build The Best Interiors - Bathroom Flip

A typical laundry renovation involves a lot of things, from designing the layout to planning the project, arranging the fittings to installation. Yes, you can do these projects in a DIY fashion. But you won’t get the level of attention to detail with a reliable contractor like Bathroom Flip. We pay attention to the tiniest details regarding your laundry renovation project in Sydney. And you will see this approach from us from the get-go!

  • Our team will conduct a consultation with you at your convenience.
  • During this meet, we will take on board your ideas and designs for the new laundry room.
  • After a few days, our team will get back to you with a design layout for your project.
  • If you want changes or prefer another design, you can tell us. Our team will make the appropriate changes in the layouts accordingly.
  • Once we receive your approval for our laundry renovation designs, we will move ahead and start planning for the project.

See how diligent and meticulous we are with our approach? You will experience the same level of professionalism once you decide to work with us! We are highly dedicated to our work which enables us to deliver world-class outcomes no matter how complex your project sounds on paper.

Bathroom Flip Making Laundry Renovations Look Simple

You can tell us whatever style you prefer for your new laundry room. We will give you practical solutions for your requirements every time. Bathroom Flip will take care of everything, from tiling to waterproofing and countertop installation. We have ties with Australia’s leading manufacturers, giving us an edge over our competition in Sydney. There’s no better place than Bathroom Flip for your laundry renovation in Sydney, and you can take this claim to the bank!

Comprehensive Services:

You don’t have to phone subcontractors for your project once you hire Bathroom Flip. Our tradesmen are trained and highly-experienced in tiling, cabinetry, plumbing, and other important trades for laundry renovations.

Best Fittings:

Bathroom Flip procures fittings, appliances, and fixtures for your laundry from Australia’s leading brands. So you never have to worry about the quality of fittings that are to be installed in your laundry. Trust us when we say our laundry room supplies are high-quality and backed with manufacturer’s warranties!

Timely Completion:

Have you previously experienced unexplained delays and uncertainty over your renovation projects in the past? These things cause a lot of frustration and make you question your decision to hire a contractor in the first place. But you will never have to deal with such problems with Bathroom Flip. Our team finishes every project on time, and we showcase professionalism throughout our involvement.


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